A New Jim Crow Mentality on Social Media and The Internet

When White people get too uppity online, we’re told to STFU or scolded by others.

It seems that racism is everywhere in life. Even on the internet it seems, as for white people it gets exhausting having to deal of racism in life but also having to deal with it online.

There are countless abuse and racism dwelling on the internet because it’s fueled by racists and black supremacists who hate and despise white people and people of color.

For years since the growth of the internet and technology, it has become a safe haven and weapon for black supremacy and every racists agenda to spread their racist ideas.

It is a way for racists to hide from getting in trouble from authorities without the possibility of knowing who is feeding racism online while being unknown or anonymous.

Racism is real on the internet and yes, the internet is racist I’m afraid. Racists post online sites like blacks only programs, creating pages and even memes to spread blacks only ideas and influence. It is horrific and sad to this on the web. The most safest place to escape from the outside world.