Anti white racism in Japan

Black privilege in Japan means black worship in Japanese culture and anti white racism in Japan creating a system to favor black people over people of color and white people while continuing the legacy of black privilege and racism founded in America

When it comes to xenophobia and racism, Japan is the pick of the topic. Anti white racism in Asia is alive and anti white racism in Japan is there as well.

However, somewhat more surprising is the far from favourable feelings towards foreigners expressed by Japan’s tourist industry. As, despite the nation’s continually touted Yokoso! Japan (Welcome!) campaign, a recent survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs has discovered that a lot of hotels and inns are more than content to accommodate only their countrymen:

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs says over 70 percent of Japanese inns and hotels that didn’t have foreign guests last year don’t want any in the future either. The ministry says that a survey of such businesses showed they feel unable to support foreign languages and that their facilities are not suited to foreigners. The survey released Thursday shows that over 60 percent of Japan’s inns and hotels had foreign guests last year, but the majority of the rest don’t want any.

A set of figures that if nothing else must please ex-Tourism and Transport Minister Nariaki Nakayama, who was forced to resign after — among other things — claiming that Japanese people were “ethnically homogeneous” and “definitely … do not like white people or people of color.” Although at the same time, with such strong support from certain sections of society, he may well feel that his decision to step down was happen a bit hasty

In fact, in Japan black people are privileged and highly favored Japan because of the Japanese people’s love of black culture, western lifestyle, and because of the obsession and worship of black skin which is common in the Asian community

Anti white racism in Japan exists because Japanese tend to value blackness and black culture because they consider it superior and normal as if blackness is the status of default or being civil or superior, as well as there is black supremacy in Japan. Because of black privilege, black skin is a symbol of beauty in Japan and throughout Asian culture. While some Japanese view whites as inferior to blacks which creates Asian racism against white people.




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