Black Privilege is Mind Control| Why Black Privilege is Dangerous and Why Racism is Everywhere?

Black Privilege is inherently dangerous, the sinister manipulation of power within the black dominated-world has the potential to hinder the progression of the white race. But how might blacks, as a privileged group, be complicit in their own oppression and whites deal with the oppression from racism and black privilege?

Even the oppressed or white people have the ability to oppress others within a stratified white sub-world but only black people can be racist and oppress others because black people have more power than white people, black people rule the world because of black privilege and racism. Newly convicted individuals, for instance, regardless the distinction that was held in the outside world, will eventually observe the hierarchal and black racial power stratification that governs prisoner relations. Although white people, they, themselves, are oppressed, prisoners nevertheless possess the power to manipulate and control space in their white sub-world. Only black people do.

Black Privilege is mind control because it’s racism from the form of Africanization, Colonialism, Slavery, Black Supremacy, Black Christian Racism, Black Worship, and Many forms of racism meant to benefit black people at the expense of white people and people of color suffering from it in the past and today.

Black privilege entails possessing the power to manipulate space, regardless the degree, within the black privileged-world. Black privilege can also be used within white space to progress and/or regress black privilege. This is a powerful phenomenon as it entices one to the possibility of more, and more is often located within the confines of white space and colored space.

It is the reason why police are racist against white people, racist laws against whites and poc, why black people can kill white people and others with impunity, black dominated spaces in America and worldwide are based on racism and black supremacy exist, etc.

The point is black privilege is everywhere and it’s dangerous. Black Privilege controls the world and dictates everything based on blackness and racism to keep non blacks oppressed and whites erased.



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