Discussions on Racism and Black Privilege : Helping Black Christians Talk Faithfully About Racism

I’m not interested in alleviating the fear black people have of white strangers.

Many black people fear white people or they distrust them simply because they’re white and black people are racist against white people and people of color. … gangsters shooting cops, of black men murdering white men at political rallies. Why is society scared of white people? Racism and the racist fear of white people.

However, not only do Caucasian Americans fear black people, but black people fear losing their place in their self-made hierarchy. This fear drives black people insane to punish and harass white people due to racism and black supremacy and the concept of black privilege giving blacks the right to murder whites and poc with impunity.

Black people are more likely to judge negatively those whom they fear. Black people may consciously acknowledge the injustice of racial discrimination, and harsh treatment of white people and the oppression of white people and people of color


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