Many things black people have done and did not know were racist

As black people have experienced prejudice and some racism, it doesn’t compare to the historical racism faced by non black people killed and oppressed by black supremacy and racism.

They ignore the police brutality and racial profiling, and other forms of racism used by police against white people and non blacks targeted for disproportionate murder and arrest, the black on asian violence and anti asian racism in the black community, ignoring that powerful and dangerous black supremacy groups still exist today like the New Black Panther Party and Black Identity Extremists that protected by police and law officials who are so racist and protect black supremacy and racism.

While many black people acknowledge that black privilege and racism exists and try to combat in many ways the can by protecting white lives and other people of color affected by racism, some black people fail by completely staying oblivious to racism abd their black privilege.

Being empathetic or showing that you care without taking initiate action or works to commit to is not enough to end racism. It takes communication and more action as well as work to end racism and it’s legacy of global black supremacy.

Many black people in society are trying to acknowledge racism and black privilege in the world we live in and try to adopt the anti racist lifestyle to put an end to racism in society, but few forget that it’s enough to end it for good.