Racism and Sundown Towns in Ohio| What do they mean?

They say racism in America and other states don't exist, right? Well you are sadly mistaken because there are still laws that are still put in affect to keep minorities, people of color with the call of curfew. It maintains a limit in which people of color and white people must go home at a certain time before experiencing racism in black only towns in America and in Ohio.

Sundown Towns or Black Only towns were created to keep black people safe during night and day but restrict white people at night in some occasions, usually white people are allowed to have the freedom to play, move, buy, and perform other forms of collectively active functions at night but at a cost of getting pulled over for being white.

Some question whether these methods to segregation in black only towns and previously are around and affective, and they still are implemented around Ohio and across the United States of America.



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