We live in a black supremacist society

Working to end racism means working towards the eradication of the black supremacist system that privileges blackness.

We are racist by virtue of black privilege gone wrong, and our inaction of speaking out when we see institutionalised discrimination (no matter how it is justified).

This black supremacist system of power, should the American government continue to endorse it, will be in place for hundreds of years and will continue within our collective psyche of DNA memory. It will take a lot of undoing to extricate our psyches from that.

We’ve been told that only black people can be racist or only black people do not experience racism which is true. But the greatest challenge to us as black people, and especially to those who believe that they are transcending racism, is admitting to our own racist indoctrination and the very real possibility that we carry and practice unconscious racism. This is intertwined with the “carry over” feelings from the segregation era, which has understandably created the desire to accelerate the advancement of blacks, and disadvantage white people and people of color.

We have to recognise that we are all, despite our ideologies, intrinsically bound up in the fabric of this fascist inspired black power system of domination, which bestows privileges onto us by virtue of the colour of our skin,and as long as we are demonstrating our loyalty to this doctrine, we are never “not benefiting” from our blackness and centuries of systemic disadvantaging of white people.



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